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Robot vacuum cleaner with motion sensors for consistently clean floors
CleanBot vacuum robot
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For deep and fast cleaning
An innovative solution, for a clean home quickly and easily
CleanBot is the robot vacuum cleaner for an always clean, effortless home. Its navigation system allows it to change direction when it encounters an obstacle, reaching even the most difficult corners and ensuring that you get a deep clean.
Thanks to its compact design, the CleanBot robot can clean even under most of the furniture in your home.
Its USB-cable rechargeable battery and removable basket make it the perfect ally in any home, large or small.

Order your CleanBot now and see how easy it is to have a clean and tidy home!

Easy and effortless cleaning
Suitable for all kinds of surfaces
It does not damage the floor: it is suitable for cleaning all surfaces, such as wood, parquet, laminate, marble, tile or PVC.
Cleans and sucks up all kinds of dirt
Thanks to its efficiency, it sucks up all kinds of dirt: from dust to the largest residues. The removable basket allows for quick and convenient cleaning, emptying it in a few simple steps.
Automatic cleaning
CleanBot automatically avoids obstacles and changes direction on its own, providing deep cleaning on its own. Its height of only 7 cm allows it to clean even under furniture and reach the most difficult corners.

Long autonomy

Eliminates mites and bacteria

Always clean house

Farewell to the broom

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Customer Reviews

This robot has been a real game changer for house cleaning. I purchased it because I was tired of having to clean the floors every day, but I did not expect it to be so effective. It thoroughly cleans all surfaces, even the hard-to-reach ones.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about buying CleanBot, but I have to say that I changed my mind. This robot vacuum is really efficient and easy to use. I really appreciated its ability to orient itself, and the long battery life allows me to clean my whole house without having to recharge it all the time.

Whenever it encounters an obstacle, it changes direction on its own and even manages to get under furniture. I can do nothing but recommend it to everyone who wants a tidy house at all times. Also quiet, so it doesn't disturb at all during cleaning. I recommend it.
A real lifesaver in my house. I have a very big house and cleaning it every day was really tiring, but since I bought this robot vacuum cleaner, I haven't had any more problems. CleanBot is able to thoroughly clean all different types of floors in every room. I recommend its purchase hands down, you will never be able to do without it again!
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